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The purpose of the collection is to provide a cultural, social, educational and recreational facility preserving a record of the Communities of Creswick and District. To acquire, conserve, research, communicate and exhibit artifacts, art and documented evidence of the cultural, physical and social development of Creswick and District for future generations.

From our collection
Captain John Hepburn’s Watch
Captain John Hepburn’s Watch

The Creswick Museum was established in 1970 the nucleus of the collection was part of Dr. E.J. Semmen’s collection, and items donated prior to the establishment of the Museum to the people of Creswick and district. It represents example of the districts cultural, social and recreational heritage. Its purpose is to hold materials that provide a wide, representative and significant sample of Creswick’s and District historical, social and economic development. Prior to 1933 Creswick surrounds was the Shire of Creswick and the town was the Borough of Creswick. After 1933 the whole area was known as the Shire of Creswick until 1997 when Council boundaries were re-aligned and amalgamation resulted in the establishment of the Shire of Hepburn.

Themes covered by the collection:

  • Local government, with the Council Chamber as focus
  • Military Service
  • Mining activities and technologies, with  mining displays as focus
  • Development of forestry and forestry education, 
  • Agriculture and accompanying technologies
  • Communities of the Borough and Shire of Creswick 
  • Cultural and sporting activities
  • Art collection: Lindsay, Litherland, Burkitt, Moyle, Tibbits and Bernaldo
  • Ceramics: especially local potters of Springmount

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